Supervisory Board of the SEZ “Istok” –
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Supervisory Board of the SEZ “Istok”

On June 4, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the special economic zone of the technical and innovative type, created on the territory of the Fryazino city district of the Moscow region, was held.

During the meeting, the report of the General Director of JSC “MC SEZ “Istok” Maria Chekadanova on the achieved values of the performance indicators of the SEZ “Istok” for 2020 and plans for its development was heard.
Maria noted that the key indicators of the efficiency of the SEZ “Istok” are the increase in revenue, the development of investments, the growth of taxes to budgets of all levels, the creation of new jobs.
Among the priority tasks of the SEZ development, Maria highlighted the development of the High-tech Technopark “Platan”, attracting residents and investors, landscaping the territory, emphasizing that the SEZ “Istok” is almost 100% full and it is necessary to expand the territory to attract new residents.
In her report, Maria appealed to the Government of the Moscow region with a request to consider the possibility of reducing the tax rate for residents applying the simplified taxation system.
As a result of the meeting, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board were elected, the Secretary of the Supervisory Board was appointed, and the plan for the long-term development of the SEZ “Istok” for 10 years was approved.