Infrastructure –


For the functioning of SEZ TIT “Istok” residents there are the necessary engineering, social, transport, information and communications, innovative and customs infrastructures.

Transport infrastructure


SEZ TIT “Istok” directly depends on the development of transport infrastructure of the urban district of Fryazino. The roads that provide direct external communication with the SEZ TIT “Istok” are: Motorway – Shchelkovo highway (А103). Municipal road – Fryanovo highway (Р110: Shchelkovo-Fryanovo). Besides, 15 km from Fryazino there is the Federal Central Circular Road (CCR) (three lanes in each direction), and at a distance of 25 km - Moscow Circular Road (MCR) (6 lanes in each direction).

It is carried out along the Moscow – Mytishchi – Bolshevo – Fryazino branch of Yaroslavl direction of Moscow railway. The railway infrastructure also includes a railway station and passenger platforms Fryazino-Tovarnaya and Fryazino-Passazhirskaya, the latter is the final point of the railway branch Moscow – Fryazino (from the Yaroslavl railway station in Moscow). In addition, a railway line was laid to the territory of SEZ TIT “Istok”. The river ports closest to Fryazino are located at a distance of about 60 km from SEZ TIT “Istok”. Moscow river ports are represented by the Southern, Northern and Western port complexes. To serve passengers of river transport there are the Northern and the Southern river passenger stations in the capital. Water ways connect the ports to the Central, Northern-Western, Southern and Northern regions of the country.

Sheremetyevo (about 60 km distance) and Domodedovo (about 80 km distance) are the nearest airports to SEZ TIT “Istok”).

Engineering support


The SEZ TIT “Istok” is provided with water from the intake unit №3 (MUE «Vodokanal» of Fryazino) with a capacity of 4000 m3/day.

The SEZ TIT “Istok” residents are supplied with power from substation “Fryazino” 110/35/10 kV, located at the distance of 2 km from the SEZ. The installed capacity of transformers - 37 MW. The actual load upon measurements is 50 % , there are no external network restrictions. 6 supply cable lines of 10 kV are supplying 30 distribution points of JSC “RPC “Istok” named after Shokin” from substation “Fryazino”.

The SEZ TIT “Istok” has a boiler-house which is located in JSC “RPC “Istok” named after Shokin” with a power of 160 Gcal/hour. There is a reserve of produced heat energy of 50 Gcal/hour.

The local gas supply network provides gas to the SEZ TIT ”Istok” boiler-room via pipeline to “Litvinovo gas distribution station” in the amount of 29 million m3. The permitted power is 33.6 million tons of standard fuel per year.

Information-communications infrastructure

Innovative infrastructure

Customs infrastructure is created on the territory of SEZ TIT “Istok” which includes: