Any company or individual entrepreneur legally registered on the territory of the urban district of Fryazino can become the resident of the SEZ TIT “Istok” with the exception of unitary enterprises.

The resident has a right to carry out technical and implementation activities on the territory of SEZ TIT “Istok”, including:
  • creation and sale of scientific and technical products, including the manufacturing, testing and implementation of pilot lots;
  • creation of software products, data collection, processing and transmission systems, distributed computing systems;
  • • provision of services for the implementation and maintenance of software products and systems,
as well as industrial and production activities, including:
  • production of goods or products;
  • processing of goods or products and their sale.

The Agreement on the realization of technical and implementation activities in the special economic zone, created on the territory of the urban district of Fryazino in Moscow Region, has been signed by the following companies to date: