The conference in Dubna –
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The conference in Dubna

On November 27, 2019, the IX All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Principles and Mechanisms of Forming a National Innovation System” was held at the Congress Center of the SEZ “Dubna”.
The main topics of the conference were “Digital Space of Smart Cities” and “Development of the Medical Industry, Nuclear Medicine Technology”.
 The program also discussed the development of science cities, formats for the interaction of high-tech business and universities, technology, production and use of composite materials.
 SEZ “Istok” at the event was represented by Anatoly Gavrilovich Mikhalchenkov. He participated in the section on science cities. Anatoly Gavrilovich stood at the origins of the science city movement, always took an active position in the development of the science city of Fryazino.
 The head of the city of Fryazino, Bocharov Konstantin Vasilievich took an active part in the conference. He expressed his position on a number of important issues.
 Based on the results of the conference, it was agreed to hold in January 2020 a Workshop-discussion of the Draft Program presented by the Ministry of Education and Science at the Conference.