Industrial Russia 4.0 –
The conference in Dubna
Meeting of the Supervisory Board of the SEZ «Istok»

Industrial Russia 4.0

On November 29, 2019, the IV Annual Practical Conference “Industrial Russia 4.0” was held at the Moscow Technopolis Congress Center.
The program included Brainstorming in three areas: Clusters, Technoparks, Special Economic Zones, and the presentation of proposals developed by participants in the Brainstorming.
 At the end of the main program, the conference was summarized and the winners of the V National Rating of Technoparks of Russia and the III National Rating of Investment Attractiveness of Special Economic Zones of Russia were awarded.
 The management company SEZ “Istok” was awarded the diploma “The highest level of efficiency of the Technopark functioning” for participating in the V National Rating of Technoparks of Russia.