September 2, 2019
The conference in Dubna
November 28, 2019

Visit of the official delegation of the Republic of Belarus to Moscow and Moscow region

On November 26, 2019, as part of the official visit of the delegation of the Republic of Belarus to the Government House of the Moscow Region, the seventeenth meeting of the joint Working Group on the Development and Coordination of Cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and the Moscow Region of the Russian Federation, as well as the Sixth International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum took place.
The meeting discussed the prospects for trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Moscow region, the possibility of creating joint production in the field of industry, the interaction of building complexes, the expansion of cooperation in the field of agriculture, light industry. The issues of interaction in the field of tourism, in the field of health and culture, in the educational and scientific fields were raised.
 The participants of the event shared their experience in the creation and operation of special economic zones in the Republic of Belarus and the Moscow Region, in the creation and support of Investment Internet portals, as well as in the implementation and use of the digital economy.
 The special economic zone “Istok” at the meeting was presented by the Director General of JSC “UK SEZ“ Istok ”Maria Chekadanova.
 As a result of the meeting, an Action Plan on the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Moscow Region (Russian Federation) on trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation for 2020-2022 was signed.

As part of the business program of the VI International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum, the development of the dairy industry, the possibility of export and import substitution, the importance and prospects of the development of farms were discussed. The Dairy Forum is a key industry event, the purpose of which is to draw the attention of the state and investors to an actively developing market and to its potential.

At the Dairy Forum in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region concluded eleven agreements worth 11 billion rubles.