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August 31, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Anniversary of Y. V. Gulyaev

September 18, 2020 marks the 85th anniversary  of academician Yuri V. Gulyaev, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), member of the Bureau of the Department of nanotechnologies and information technologies RAS, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor, scientific head of the Institute of radio engineering and electronics RAS named after V.A. Kotelnikov (IRE RAS), the founder of the Institute of nanotechnologies in microelectronics RAS, chairman of the Scientific Council on radio physics of seas and oceans.
Yuri Vasilyevich was born in the village of Tomilino, Lyuberetsky district, Moscow region. In 1958, he graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) with a degree in radio physics. After MIPT, he started his career at the Institute of radio engineering and electronics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now the Institute of radio engineering and electronics named after V. A. Kotelnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences) as a graduate student and walked his way up to the Director of IRE RAS named after V.A. Kotelnikov (1988-2014 years).
In 1968, Y. V. Gulyaev independently and at the same time with the American physicist J. Bluestein predicted and studied a new fundamental type of surface acoustic waves (SAW), known in the world literature as Bluestein-Gulyaev waves. Y. V. Gulyaev’s works in the field of acoustoelectronics led to the emergence of a new direction in the technology of information processing, communication, and radiolocation. Today, the world’s output of acousto-electronic products, which are important components of TV and radio sets, radar and communication systems, more recently cell phones, is billions of pieces per year.
Yuri Vasilievich made a great contribution to the development of acoustoelectronics, acoustooptics, and spin-wave electronics.
V. Gulyaev has been engaged in teaching activities for more than 50 years. He is heading the Department of solid-state electronics, radio physics and applied information technologies at MIPT, and is the head of a leading scientific school in the Russian Federation.
Currently, Yuri Vasilievich is the scientific director of the IRE RAS named after V.A. Kotelnikov, and heads the Research center for electronic diagnostic systems “ELDIS” at this Institute. Y. V.Gulyaev proposed and is successfully developing together with workers of RC “ELDIS” a new “radiophysical” approach to the study of functioning of the human body, based on complex measurements of physical fields and radiations of a person in the process of his life. Based on these measurements, new methods of non-invasive early medical diagnostics have been developed and continue to be developed together with the teams of a number of leading medical organizations. In particular, with his personal participation and under his leadership, a number of unique devices for medical diagnostics have been created: an IR thermograph, a microwave thermograph, a magnetocardiograph, a device for determining the moment of falling asleep of an operator whose activity is associated with high-risk work (widely used in the Russian Federation on railway transport), an electroimpedance computerized mammograph, which is used in many clinics in Russia and abroad, etc.
For the contribution to the development of science and technology academician Y. V. Gulyaev was awarded  many prizes, including 5 State prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, and international awards: European physical society prize and Rayleigh award, as well as a UNESCO medal for outstanding contributions to the development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies.
Today Yuri Gulyaev takes an active part in the work of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of nanotechnologies and information technologies RAS, continues  research in IRE RAS named after V. A. Kotelnikov and in the Institute of nanotechnologies of microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The staff of the management company of the SEZ “Istok”, headed by General Director Maria Chekadanova, heartily congratulates Yuri Gulyaev on his anniversary and wishes him health, longevity, well-being and optimism in life.