New resident of the SEZ “Istok” –
Board meeting

New resident of the SEZ “Istok”

LLC “VAZARI LASERS” received the status of a resident of the SEZ “Istok” with the project “Development, production and sale of medical laser equipment”.
The company “VAZARI LASERS” LLC was established in 2017. In the territory of the special economic zone of technology innovative type “Istok”  plans to develop, test, manufacture and sell laser medical equipment, as well as its technical support and maintenance.
Potential buyers of the products are state and private medical multidisciplinary clinics, venereal clinics and cosmetology clinics. Main applications: surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, dentistry, dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.
Production of this type of medical equipment actually has no analogues in the Russian Federation, which determines the relevance of the project presented by LLC “VASARI LASERS”. The constantly growing demand in the field of laser medical services and the existing shortage of laser medical equipment in public medical institutions in Russia also speak in favor of the implementation of this project.
The products planned for release will have fundamental differences from the analogues available on the market, including:
  • Advanced product specifications (Impulse shape, purity, individual selection of parameters for the client);
  • Implementation of the import substitution program for medical laser equipment in the Russian Federation;
  • The cost of production is 10 to 20% lower than analogues.
To implement the project, it is planned to create 27 workplaces. By 2029, the planned sales volume of medical laser equipment of “VAZARI LASERS” LLC will be 1,144 units. The first in the market in 2021 will appear medical laser devices based on gas-discharge glass flasks.
 The company “VAZARI LASERS” LLC became the 21st resident of the “Istok” special economic zone of technology innovative type.
 The material was prepared on the basis of information provided by “VAZARI LASERS” LLC.