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Visit of the official delegation of the Republic of Belarus to Moscow and Moscow region


From August  27 to September 1 the Moscow Region city of Zhukovsky hosted the Aviation and Space Salon “MAKS- 2019”.
The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of Turkey  Redgep Taiyp Erdogan made speeches at the opening ceremony of the 14-th International Aviation and Space Salon “MAKS-2019”. «We deeply appreciate the international attention  to the Russian air show, we see in this recognition high intellectual, scientific, technical and export potential of our country, its unique aircraft manufacturing traditions, which allow Russia to remain among the world flagships in the aerospace industry” – said Vladimir Putin.
Significant events of “MAKS-2019” were the demonstration of the short-medium-range passenger aircraft  МС-21-300 and the export version of the fifth generation multifunctional fighter  Su-57 — Su-57E.
As part of the business  program of the air show, “MAKS-2019” hosted the International Youth Forum “The future of  aviation and cosmonauts is for young Russia”. The Forum was held with the aim of international scientific and industrial communication on actual problems in aircraft engine building and the effective development of the best scientific and methodological domestic and world achievements by young researchers.
The General Director of JSC “MC SEZ “Istok” Maria Chekadanova took part in the event.

In the photo: Maria Chekadanova

Maria Chekadanova visited the air show and “MAKS-2019” exposition as a part of delegation of heads of enterprises of the radioelectronic cluster  of  SC “Rostech”. 
During the days of the “MAKS-2019” air show more than  578 thousand people visited it, more than 250 billion rubles of contracts and agreements were signed, the business potential of the event was estimated at 400 billion rubles.