SEZ in the Saratov region
June 19, 2020
Anniversary of the first director of Research Institute “Platan”
July 29, 2020

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov visited the Istok Research and Production Enterprise named after Shokin

On July 23, within the framework of his visit, Yuri Ivanovich inspected the first production of “smart” meters in Russia.
 With the help of smart energy meters, readings and transmission of readings occurs automatically directly to resource-saving organizations. Meter data can be monitored online, as well as paid for consumed resources through a mobile application. New devices read and store information in real time, are highly accurate, and allow you to monitor the quality of utility resources.
 “In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the basic principle of digitalization of the electric power industry is being implemented – the development of smart metering of electricity, which will multiply the efficiency of the functioning of infrastructure organizations, and will also allow expanding production for Russian manufacturers of the necessary equipment,” Yuri Borisov noted.